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IPL Skandinavien is an engineering and construction company employing experienced and highly skilled people within administration, project management, prefabrication, erection, maintenance of industrial piping and steel constructions, as well as instrumentation and mechanical maintenance.
IPL Skandinavien was established in the mid-1970s, based on the idea of creating an industrial service company with great technical expertise and strength, but at the same time, fast, efficient and flexible service.
We are proud to say that, since then IPL has been a substantial subcontractor with engineering, construction and maintenance of all the conventional powerplants in Denmark, as well as all nuclear power plants in Sweden. This led to the establishment of our subsidiary in Varberg, Sweden in 1986, followed by our decision to completely relocate our head offices and production facilities to Varberg.
Another area of expertise is the petrochemical and offshore oil and gas industries, where IPL has been a reliable subcontractor with engineering, construction and maintenance works to all major installations in Denmark and Norway from the beginning of the exploration, transmission and refining of oil and gas in the North Sea.
Our skills and reputation has since taken IPL to all corners of the world, with prefabrication, erection, maintenance, repairs and manpower to nuclear and conventional power plants, oil refineries, the petrochemical-, paper-, cement- and food industries, shipyards and the on/offshore oil industry.
IPL’s objective is to work with companies and industries with the highest requirements for quality, efficiency and expertise. 
Our projects are often carried out under tough conditions and tight schedules, but always with consistent, goal-oriented efforts to provide the highest quality in time, and on budget - without compromise!
Choose IPL for your project management, supervision, planning, prefabrication, erection, inspection, maintenance and cost control - worldwide.
Our partnership programme means that IPL is there for you – when you need it, and where ever you need it !

IPL Skandinavien is not like other companies. 
We don't just have a vision and mission,
- we have a dream!

To create an environment where we enjoy working together and contribute to build a company we can all be proud off.


To be a world class engineering and construction company, helping our clients succeed.


To help our clients with professional project management, production and erection of industrial pipe- and steel constructions of highest quality, to fully satisfy client objectives, on time and on budget. In all we do, we foster a culture of partnership, entrepreneurship, teamwork and integrity, building a world class engineering and construction company.


Partnership & Quality
For IPL partnership and quality are both a philosophy and a way of life. We develop and fol-low the best management practices and we entrench these approaches into client relationships and delivery frameworks in order to establish strong and long term relationships with our cli-ents. We listen to our clients and we are committed to their total satisfaction in everything we do.
Entrepreneurship and sharing
Our success is based on the competence, commitment and enthusiasm of our employees. Therefor we promote a climate of innovation and initiative, where all are empowered with a sense of ownership in supporting clients, thus ensuring IPL’s profitable growth. Through teamwork, sharing our know-how and expertise, we bring the best of IPL to our clients.
Acting in a global environment, we recognize the richness that diversity brings to the company and welcome this diversity while embracing the overall IPL culture. In all we do, we are re-spectful of our fellow colleagues, clients, business partners and competitors.
By understanding and adhering to our vision, mission and values, we work together toward the same goals and continue to achieve the success that’s brought us to where we are today. It represents our collective commitment and roadmap for meeting the expectations of all our stakeholders, satisfying our clients’ business needs, providing rewarding careers and generating sustainable profitable growth - now and into the future.